If you’re happy with Comics Grinder, please consider making a donation. Every little bit helps to support Comics Grinder. Or consider placing an order for a custom-made work of art. Yes, I can draw a cat, or dog, or just about anything you’d like. Just drop me a line.

You can use the donate button to purchase items, such as original art and prints as they become available. For any other business, feel free to contact the e-mail below.

Thank you.

If you’re interested in the “Comics at Lanning’s Bookstore” poster, it is 16″ x 20″. This is a poster I created just for fun related to Comics Fest. I don’t have these in bulk so I will print them if I get any orders for them. During the month of October I will have these available for $20 each and that includes shipping anywhere in the US.

You can donate by clicking the PayPal button below and you can also use it when making a purchase:

You can reach Henry Chamberlain at

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