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Minicomic Feature: SMITH TOWER by Henry Chamberlain


Here is a minicomic I recently completed that features Smith Tower, a Seattle landmark celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. In this comic, Smith Tower is a character in its own right. We follow a number of characters who are searching for answers. Among the searchers, two main characters emerge. We can’t be sure how these two are connected but, as fate would have it, their paths become inextricably linked. Whether that is cause for celebration or concern, remains a mystery. For fun, let me wax on for a bit on this new work, minicomics, and the art process.

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Interview: Peter Kuper and ‘The System’ and ‘World War 3 Illustrated 1979-2014′

Page 70 from "The System" by Peter Kuper

Page 70 from “The System” by Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper is passionate about comics, New York City, and activism. He has established himself as a leading authority on all three subjects in a remarkable career that continues to explore and to grow. Where to begin? Well, many readers will know Mr. Kuper for his continuous work on “Spy vs. Spy” in MAD Magazine, since 1997. In that same year, his landmark graphic novel, “The System” was published. And it all begins with a love for underground comics and pushing the limits. This would lead to “World War 3 Illustrated,” started by Kuper and his childhood friend, Seth Tobocman. All sorts of subversive ideas were percolating between these two cartoonists while growing up in Cleveland. We discuss a key moment that brought things to a boil.

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Art: Whimsical Animals in Seattle


Here is a preview of a project I am working on that revolves around the adventures of some animal characters in Seattle.

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Boom! Studios: Sergio Toppi’s ‘The Collector’ To Be Published in English


The late Sergio Toppi, a legendary cartoonist, is being introduced to a whole new generation, thanks to Boom! Studios and its award-winning imprint, Archaia. Last year, SHARAZ-DE: TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS was released. And now, we have the English translation to Toppi’s classic, THE COLLECTOR. It will be released in September. Details follow.

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Review: ‘Haunted’ by Thomas F. Zahler


“Haunted” is a result of a 24-hour comics marathon and it retains that energy. Often, a comic created during one of these all-nighters is part hot mess and part mad genius. They sometimes come out fine as is. Usually, refinements are made. For “Haunted,” it looks to me that Zahler kept much of the original by keeping to a minimal line. Lettering, coloring, and some other adjustments later, I believe he has come out smelling like a rose. The stars must have been shining down on him. That makes sense to me since this comic is full of star-gazing whimsy.

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LUMBERJANES looks like an all-out joy ride of comics fun. This new comics series joins THE MIDAS FLESH under BOOM! Studios newest imprint, BOOM! Box. It is written by Noelle Stevenson who you may know from her webcomic, NIMONA. LUMBERJANES #1 arrives in comic shops on April 9th. Visit our friends at BOOM! Studios to pre-order here.

Press release follows:

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Review: Gustavo Duarte’s Monsters! & Other Stories


Dark Horse Comics has unleashed quite a monster with this collection of work by Gustavo Duarte. But it’s not just monsters. It’s chickens, pigs, birds, a whole wacky and, quite enthralling, world.


Guatavo Duarte is a new talent with an old soul. As Sergio Aragonés makes clear in the introduction to this book, Duarte has hit the ground running in wordless comics. He is very much in the traditon of the greats, from Otto Soglow to Jim Woodring. Duarte’s comics are truly electric. There’s a live wire quality to them that is complimented by its clean refinement. While very smooth and polished, you get that sensation of a rapidly moving line.

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Review: DELUSIONAL: The Graphic and Sequential Work of Farel Dalrymple, published by AdHouse Books


You too will believe in all sorts of urban legends and myths once you’ve entered the world of comics genius Farel Dalrymple. Is “comics genius” too grand a thing to say about Dalrymple? Well, you need to trust me on this if you’re new to his work. There are so many beautiful and whimsical works of art and comics that he’s created that he’s earned a place of honor. He’s won a number of awards. His art is so compelling and energetic that Marvel Comics had him team up with esteemed writer Jonathan Lethem on a very special story, “Omega: The Unknown.”


Farel Dalrymple has been mining a certain fanciful strain of comics. Much in the way that Jim Woodring has tapped into his own unique hallucinatory vision, so has Dalrymple. It’s a world that respects the magic of childhood. It’s a world that is willing to take risks, is not afraid of being silly or odd, and is always seeking out those things that seem just out of reach.

“Delusional” is the book to get this holiday season or any season. It is a 232-page hardcover, priced at $24.95. Visit of friends at AdHouse Books.


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Here is a comic that attempts to tap into the elegant simplicity of the James Thurber short story. It is a delicate and precise little story: A henpecked husband daydreams he’s a hero while he goes about his mundane life. Two major motion pictures, in 1947 and in 2013, have taken this little story to great heights. This is a distillation of the original 1939 short story drawn in my take on the style of Thurber cartoons.







And there you have it, the whole story told in only six panels. I’d like to think that Mr. Thurber would have appreciated this tribute.

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Design: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR BAND by Greenwich Letterpress


Yeah, it’s true. Nobody cares about your band. Check out other pithy greeting cards from Greenwich Letterpress here. They know style, with the discerning eye of a true New Yorker.

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