Video Spotlight

Comics Grinder has conducted a number of interviews. Some are written up as articles, some become podcasts, and some are immortalized on video.


Mark Z. Danielewski

Mark Z. Danielewski

Mark Z. Danielewski is known for his cult novel, “House of Leaves,” (2000). MZD’s work, while vastly experimental, also provides a rich narrative. As he puts it, his works require courage from the reader. That courage, his readers would say, is greatly rewarded. In this interview, we discuss the art of fiction, the writer’s struggle, the forthcoming ebook editions of “House of Leaves” and “Only Revolutions,” the October release of “The Fifty Year Sword,” as well as what lies ahead with MZD’s 27-volume, “The Familiar.”

You can view the interview with Mark Z. Danielewski below:

Getting to interview MZD was very cool. It was a SDCC treat.

And here’s Seattle’s Favorite Son, Mr. David Lasky!


David Lasky

David Lasky

David Lasky is the coauthor, with Frank M. Young, of the graphic novel, “The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song.” It has been a treat to observe Mr. Lasky’s evolution as an artist. He always loves a challenge and, with this book, he realized early on this was a project that would take years to get right. Sensitive to the human condition, his artistry reveals A.P. Carter and Sara Dougherty Carter for who they were while leaving something to mystery. Like the Mona Lisa’s smile, there is only so much we can know. Mr. Lasky used dip pens of the time to help capture the pace of a bygone era but he also employs a contemporary sensibility in drawing out the drama of these characters. This is the story of the early years of country music giving way to the early years of radio and beyond.

You can view the interview with David Lasky below:

Hope you enjoy these. We’ll post some more on this page.

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