If you like to march to the beat of a different drummer, and prefer to do it barefoot, then here’s some good news coming to you from quirky, and forward-thinking, Oregon…

Comics Grinder is always on the look out for the very best to enhance your life. Sometimes it might be a graphic novel or movie. For this post we explore a most comfortable and healthy treat for your feet. Soft Star Shoes are, without a doubt, one of the best places for minimal footwear on the planet. I’ve done my research. I refer you back to my review (read here) of Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run,” the eye-opening bestseller that makes the case for us to return to our bare feet. We need to trust our feet and our natural way of walking. All else follows.

I got a chance to try out one of Soft Star Shoes moccasins and they are a perfect introduction to what they have to offer. If you’re like me, you prefer to go barefoot. We are, in fact, going through a barefoot revolution as various companies either incorporate barefoot technology, like Nike, or specialize in it, like Luna Sandals (review here). But back to the moccasins, they are the perfect solution for casual wear that keeps you warm in the winter and dry in the summer. I’ve been walking around in them now for the last few days and they fit as naturally as can be. And the non-slip suede soles are greatly appreciated.

What Soft Star Shoes focuses on is an efficient, as well as an incredibly comfortable way to cover your foot, like a shoe, while still allowing for free range of motion. Moccasins are one of their specialities. So are running shoes that use thin and flexible Vibram soles that allow your feet to flex and bend freely.

I’ve always been in tune with my body and so it’s always made sense to me, and probably most of you reading this, that feet play a central role in good health. If you walk in overly cushioned shoes, you’re not doing yourself a favor. It’s sort of like drinking a soda instead of pure water. The more in tune you are with nature, and your body’s natural process, the better off you’ll be. Something else to consider about Soft Star Shoes, these guys are committed to your satisfaction. They are a home-grown company through and through. Everything is created right there in their shop in Corvalis, Oregon. It doesn’t get much more natural and authentic than that. And they are all ears to whatever their customers have to say so give them a try.

The bottom line is that these shoes fit like a glove and promote what you’re looking for, barefoot walking. And keep in mind that Soft Star Shoes are important at any age as their minimal footwear is committed to healthy development of bones, muscles and balance. Also, as a bonus, these shoes really have style. Soft Star Shoes even have a high sense of fashion. It is part of human nature that you’ll engage in something if its attractive, not just practical and good common sense. So, they’ve got all of us fashionistas covered too.

Visit our friends at Soft Star Shoes here.

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