Seattle Tattoo Expo 2014: Getting Inked


Do master tattoo artists make it look easy? Well, yes and no. There doesn’t seem to be anything easy about the world of tattoos. It’s a complex world. If you ask a seasoned pro what it takes to get into the business, you’re likely to be told that you just have to do it. Everyone learns differently. Maybe it will take someone a year or two to feel that they have some mastery of the needle. My thinking would be that, yes, just like anything else, it’s all about practice, practice, and more practice. There was one artist who strongly suggested the best way to learn is to get tattooed. I said I’d been tattooed. He just looked at me and said, “No, I mean really get tattooed!” And, of course, that said it all. If you want to jump into something in a significant way, you just gotta do it.


It was great to see a lot of people enjoying the tattoo lifestyle. It can come down to having just one little tattoo for some but, for others, there’s only one way: really get tattooed!


This year found the annual Seattle Tattoo Expo at Fisher Pavillion and that gave it a more intimate feel with all the vendor booths under one big roof. You could definitely hear the concentrated buzzing of tattoo needles.


There is a romance to tattoos that is undeniable. And, ultimately, it comes down to making good choices. I suppose you could make ill-concieved choices but be willing to own them and wear them proudly. But there’s nothing quite like truly gorgeous compositions that work their way across the body with a natural flow. Not everyone is going to make such a commitment on their body. But those who do, and go about it the right way with picking the right artist, are living uniquely artful lives.


What’s next? Visit your local tattoo shop and just check out the art. No pressure. You can find more information from our friends at Seattle Tattoo Expo right here.


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