Review: ‘Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole in the Head’


Trepanation, the controversial elective surgery, is not for everyone, to say the least. However, “Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole in the Head,” the minicomic by Emi Gennis, is for everyone to enjoy. This latest work, which originally appeared on The Nib, is now available in print.

So what on earth is trepanation? It is the creation of a hole in the skull believed to relieve pressure and return you to the blissful state you were supposedly in as an infant. You will find this to be both hilarious and informative, and how often does that happen? Not often enough. Emi Gennis continues to work with some of the most downright strange content that any cartoonist has dared to tackle.

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8 responses to “Review: ‘Trepanation: Elective Surgery You Need Like A Hole in the Head’

  1. Good lord, sounds similar to the procedure done in the dark ages of surgery. What, if anything, are people thinking. Have we reach a new low in our desperation to stop feeling our lives unfolding around us?

  2. I knew a guy who had that.

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