Kickstarter: Luminous Ages #1

Luminous Ages

An Australian comic with an ambitious vision will appeal to fans of fantasy and dragons. The series goes by the name, “Luminous Ages.” This is a spirited work created, written, and illustrated by Anthony Christou. I think this first issue goes a long way in setting the tone to a free-wheeling adventure. It’s not so much what I have read in the actual text thus far that I’m too concerned with. I’m mostly intrigued with a drive and energy running throughout. I expect good things to come as Christou delves further into his saga. He seems to genuinely be invested in the genre. If you are interested in such things as what a character’s “mage trait” is, then this comic could be for you. If you’d like to jump on board and help Christou develop his series further, be sure to visit his Kickstarter campaign, which runs through February 29th, right here. For ongoing information, be sure to visit the official site right here.


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