For Your Consideration....

For Your Consideration….

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George Clayton Johnson Twilight Zone

There is much brewing here. My latest project is “George’s Run,” which covers a wide gamut, quite a myriad of subjects and themes. This is geek nirvana that you’ll feel down to your toes!

It is in this book that I can share with you a multitude of observations, flights of fancy, fun facts, and passionate commentary on such topics as the general state of creativity, the golden age of pop culture (then and now), social justice through art, and various social change including civil rights, care for the environment, and a real understanding of the benefits of cannabis.
Serving as a conduit for so much is writer George Clayton Johnson who is someone you need to know.

George Clayton Johnson

I invite you to jump in and join the party by getting the first installment to this unique book either directly through me as a special printed edition (flat rate of $5 each in the U.S.) or from Amazon right here.

2016 and beyond is the time for George’s Run.

But just keep visiting Comics Grinder. You never know what you may find.

As always, this is also the home for my special collection of comics from over the years, “A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories.” It is something that you just need to pick up and read at your leisure and you’ll find it to be a good friend.

Yes, you can purchase this print and all sorts of art. Just contact me here at Comics Grinder.

Yes, you can purchase this print and all sorts of art. Just contact me here at Comics Grinder.

Purchase the book directly through Comics Grinder and you can buy it at a flat fee of $10, that includes shipping in the United States. Limit one per customer, unless you make special arrangements with me. And you can always make your purchase through Amazon, if you prefer, at a higher rate plus shipping. You can find this book on Amazon right here. And, you may even consider writing an Amazon review sometime.

Check out “A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories” and you will find a 244-page graphic novel full of characters on the run seeking something greater than themselves. There’s rollicking good humor, intriguing mystery, whimsical fantasy, and even a touch of horror. The expressive line in the artwork, right along with the narrative, relentlessly takes on a life of its own and follows its own offbeat path.

This is what Tom Spurgeon of the Comics Reporter has to say about this book:

“I always enjoy reading Henry Chamberlain’s comics, and the material collected in A Night At The Sorrento proves no exception. Henry’s comics remind me of the best of small press publishing in the 1990s: a highly idiosyncratic take on the world around us presented on the keen edge of emotion and logic. There is a humane quality to these comics, an openness to experience that would be hard to replicate in another form.”

This is what Ariel Bordeaux, creator of the indie classic, “Deep Girl,” has to say about this book:

“Henry Chamberlain’s dreamy urban stories pulse with an exuberant lust for life. Playfully symbolic, and rendered with a loose, painterly hand, A Night At The Sorrento escorts the reader through several strange nights and encounters. Bears, rabbits, beautiful girls and even President Taft appear as guides and messengers in this fun, adventurous collection.”

“A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories.” Buy it here at Comics Grinder for a flat fee of $10. Email me at comicsgrinder@gmail.com and tell me where you’d like me to mail it. And mention Promo Code SDCC. Just click the DONATE button right below:


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