Graphic Recording

As the Comics Grinder site has evolved, I have provided more creative content in the form of original artwork and shared my creative process with you. Now is the time to share more with you. is where I showcase my visual storytelling services. With that in mind, if you’d like to be my client, by all means, contact me. We can figure out how to provide more value to your next meeting or map out your own personal growth.

Chrysler Building

People come to graphic recording in a variety of ways and it usually comes from a desire to document, process, and comment on the world around them. Maybe they began as artists. For me, I’ve always loved being an artist and a writer. Graphic recording is simply a term that refers to capturing a live conversation, presentation, or the content of a meeting or event. This process involves using words and pictures in a very concise way to get to the essence of what the subject is about. It’s a process that naturally attracts people who like to keep journals. Sketchnoting is a smaller and more intimate version of graphic recording and it all takes place in a notebook or, you guessed it, a journal. I always have a sketchbook handy and you’ll find me jotting down notes, doodling, and making various observations and connections to what I see. This can lead me down other paths like the storyboards below.

Cramped Quarters

Spacious Elegance

Going Underground

Basking in Luxury

So, if I haven’t made it clear by now, I am most happy simply exploring with a sketchbook (and camera) in hand. I love to draw, write, explore and just think! I’m always going to busy myself with these kind of activities. I paint paintings. I write novels. And, along the way, I discovered a natural fit with sketchnoting and graphic recording. Why not do it, right? It’s a very special skill set that I’ve developed and it can be very rewarding putting it to use to help others problem-solve.

Bryant Park

As always, I invite you all to keep in touch! Perhaps we shall meet on one of my travels or something close to home, wherever that might be.