Panic Attack: What’s That All About?

Sure, it’s a cool video and Kanye West loves it and now there’s this Cinderella story we’re all suppose to be inspired by about the $300 video that turned into a $300 million dollar movie deal. That part alone needs a lot of explaining. There has to be more to this story, right? But one important piece remains missing: A story! From all I’ve seen, it’s all about the CGI and the potential of a new hotshot budding filmmaker. But there isn’t even a hint of a narrative in the video and that’s only 4 minutes. What will 90 plus minutes of this be like? I’m just saying. Who knows but, the moment any of those potential characters is fleshed out, whatever magic was in the video will likely evaporate. Now, it’s all under “development.” Nice. In fact, I’d make a movie about this movie deal. And I’d get Alan Rickman in there. And maybe Paul Giamatti. Yeah, I’d get him too. I’ll show Sam Raimi how to make a movie.

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