Wondering About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is fast becoming the new Spider-Man in my view. Considering the Amazon princess only has one monthly comic book that she’s featured in, she is capable of creating a lot of buzz. She’s got loyal fans, name recognition and is a powerful symbol. So, in the coming weeks, months, years, I’ll be doing by share of writing about Wonder Woman. Right now, as you probably know, is a golden time for WW with Gail Simone as the ongoing writer. And it’s a great time to speculate on what’s going to happen to that Wonder Woman movie.

Well, sadly, I get the sense that Megan Fox’s negatives are so way up regarding Wonder Woman that it’s not funny. Her comments that the character is lame do not sit well with a lot of fans. And, I don’t know, maybe she’s made one too many careless comments. But I remain a fan since you’re only really a fan when things start to go south for your star. I still maintain that there’s something about Megan that would propel a Wonder Woman movie into a hit. She could even take back what she said, upon further study of the character, and that alone could turn things back in her favor.

Lately, there’s been some buzz in support of Erica Cerra (SyFy’s Eureka) to play Wonder Woman. Jenna Busch, over at Newsarama, got a chance to talk with Erica and I was impressed. Erica came off sounding like a sweet and capable person. No doubt, she’s a beautiful and assertive woman that could play the role.

For now, the thing to keep in mind is that it’s all way up in the air and comments from anywhere could help decide who plays Wonder Woman. The official line from Warner Brothers is that, first, they’re doing a Justice League moive, which includes Wonder Woman, and then they do the Wonder Woman movie. It stands to reason that who they pick for WW in the first movie gets to play the role in the next. That would make sense. Anyway, I still hold out hope for Megan Fox until I finally see the definitive Megan Fox alternative. And, just wait, we still have her role in “Jonah Hex” to look forward to and see how that bolsters her cred.

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