Review: Wonder Woman #600

The prologue to the JMS run of Wonder Woman in Issue 600 shows a spirit and edge that is missing in the JMS Superman prologue from last week’s Superman, #700. Things may pick up for Supes but, for now, WW is in the lead.

I wanted to see these two runs as a sort of package deal and I was a little suspicious about the whole JMS deal, I will admit. But, I have to say, you never really know until you read it yourself and, so far, the new WW run has a kick to it.

I said earlier today that I suspected that JMS would turn in something that only helped to boost the title but would fall short otherwise. Now, I’m open to seeing more. I would even go as far as to say that this little prologue manages to bridge the gap between the Simone vibe and the JMS vibe. I really like the exchange between the oracle and WW and the oracle repeatedly asking for a stick of gum. That’s pretty cool.

So, you can see here WW in her new threads in action and it doesn’t look too bad. I well imagine that this is a most temporary look and will go away soon enough, at least by the time we’re ready for the next WW run, post-JMS. Anyway, no hard feelings to JMS. I am open and look forward to more WW. And I’ll keep an open mind to the Superman run as well. I guess I just need to see more.


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3 responses to “Review: Wonder Woman #600

  1. I can call you a cock-eyed optimist! Well, me too. The vibe of the JMS piece was a little greyer than I prefer, but heck, it's just the prologue.How was the rest of the book for you?

  2. I found the Simone piece the most lively and worthwhile. Overall, a fine tribute book. Carefully reading over the JMS comments at the end, he really seems to be into the process. I was actually getting ready to drop WW for awhile but now I think I'll stick around. As for a what could amount to an even better read, that is probably the new Action Comics arc.

  3. Yup, Action Comics was excellent stuff. But BBTB!

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