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“Logan’s Run” strikes a chord with a lot of people in a deep way. Whether it’s from the original novel, the motion picture, the TV show, related books, or comic books, there seems to be something for everyone. The original novel from 1967, written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, gives a nod to the early science fiction of the 1930s as well as blazing a trail for what lay ahead.

Here are some posts related to Logan’s Run:

For an interview with George Clayton Johnson from November 2012, read that here.

For a book review of the original novel, first posted February 14, 2013, read it here.

For a review of a comics collection, “Logan’s Run: Omnibus,” first posted February 3, 2014, read it here.

22 responses to “LOGAN’S RUN

  1. Manja

    Only ever saw the film, like twelve times. I’ll check out the novel. Thanks.

  2. One of my faves. I love pre- Star Wars 70s sci-fi.

  3. Didn’t realise George Clayton Johnson was one of the author’s! I’ve seen the film and the series so will add the novel to my list!

  4. How awesome! I didn’t know it was a novel too. Thanks! I like your blog, very interesting, Henry. BTW if you like Logan’s Run, you might also like the Russian futuristic novel “We.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_%28novel%29

    • Thank you, Kinneret. Your blog is very captivating. Will need to come back. And I will need to read your book recommendation.

      • I think you might like it. It is the precursor/predecessor/inspiration for 1984. It’s a bit chaotic in writing, not perfect, but good. The other book I can’t recommend more!!! is Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. It is amazing, so deep.

      • “We” is now on my Kindle. Thanks so much. I may end up doing a review of it at some point.

    • Hi Henry Chamberlain,

      I concur with kinneret. I watched the 1977 television series of Logan’s Run starring Gregory Harrison as Logan 5 and Heather Menzies as Jessica 6. It lasted only one season totalling 14 episodes.

      Given your penchant for connecting this post with the novel, comic books and TV series, I am rewarding you with the following disco version of the soundtrack by Geoff Love:

  5. Saw Logan’s Run just the other night. Its been a while since I saw the film. The special-effects date the film, but I thought the sets were quite good for their time. Thanks for the follow Henry, it’s a pleasure to have rummaging through my attic. :O)

  6. Thank you for following my blog!

  7. Love Logan’s Run. Back then it was pretty trippy!

  8. I remember the film and the tv show well. Man, I’m getting old. Great review!

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