Review: AMC’s The Prisoner

So, I wasn’t nearly as pleased as I thought I was going to be with AMC’s “The Prisoner” that debuted this last Sunday. I think it’s two big parts they’re showing of what they call a mini-series but certainly looks like the remains of what was meant to be an on-going series. That would have been unbearable. The problem is that this new version has sucked all the mystery and charm from the original. Less is more, people. Spelling everything out, accounting for every little detail, as this show does, just isn’t any fun. The original series, created by and starring Patrick McGoohan was so full of style and left so much unsaid.

In this revamped version, there’s the great Sir Ian McKellen as No. 2, shown far too often to keep him mysterious and he’s constantly telling Jim Caviezel, No. 6, the same damn things: there’s only the village, give it a try, there’s no New York, etc.

Anyway, the above image is from a little comic book promo I picked up at Comic-Con in San Diego this year. The marketing for this has been pretty good. And it got me to want to see this show but, in the end, I’m not very impressed.

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