Long Live The Squirrel Machine and Cochlea & Eustachia

Just wrote my review of “The Squirrel Machine” at Newsarama and had some other thoughts to jot down here. I love the work of Hans Rickheit and I am sure a whole lot of other people feel the same way. Take a look at the really cool site dedicated to “The Squirrel Machine.” It’s nice to see all the reviews past and present. Back in the day, I was the critic who called the work of Hans Rickheit, “languidly decadent.” That was for a review I did of one of his amazing “Chrome Fetus Comics.” Hans has always had a way with playing with the underbelly of sexuality and sensuality and, well, all sorts of other underbellies or, rather, underbrains, as he would have it.

On his blog, Hans makes mention of his favorite review by one his comics idols, Mahendra Singh. And it is an admirable piece of work. I quote a little here:

It’s precision of tension between meaning and white noise is so well-calibrated that the observant reader unconsciously ceases to resists Rickheit’s oneiric anti-logic.

I look forward to more of the man’s comics and it’s exciting to know he’s already at work on his next book. Well, Hans, if you’re reading this, I hope to see you sometime soon. Maybe at next year’s MoCCA. And I remain a big fan of Cochlea and Eustachia. Those are characters I hope you don’t retire. I will have to buy some original art of them someday from you.

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