“Angel and Faith #18” brings us back to the massive attack of zombies from the last issue. The fighting is stranger than usual. Just a bonk on the head and, anyone who gets knocked out, is in danger of being possessed by the arch-demon, Eyghon. Nadira and her slayer posse have really walked into this one. As Nadira puts it, “This has all gone pear shaped!” But, before all hope is lost, Angel and Faith burst onto the scene. Faith provides the obligatory quip, “Hardcore fans don’t like zombies who run!” And things look good until Faith gets bonked on the head! Here is where Nadira provides a good turn by slicing into Faith’s belly but not to kill her. The flesh wound keeps Faith awake and alert.

Part 3 (of 4) to “Death and Consequences” packs a lot of zombie fighting action as well as explanation of events. You learn that Eyghon almost bit the dust during the Twilight crisis but he was quick enough to possess a dead rat which led to possessing an exhausted homeless man until, a few more possessions later, the demon came back into his own. Possession, we come to see, is not an easy thing. Your average body is going to wear out fairly soon under the demonic pressure. This leads to finding someone more sturdy enfused with magic: Rupert Giles.

At the end of this issue, Nadira, along with her slayers, and Faith have buried the hatchet, quite literally into a number of zombies, and have decided it’s time to work as a team of rivals and make for a fast retreat. Now, unless you find common knowledge to be a spoiler, don’t read the next few we often have a cliffhanger guest appearance, who do you think appears to the rescue? It’s none other than…yes, Spike! We have to be grown-ups and just admit it. We’ll be on our way to the final arc by Issue 20 which makes clear what lies ahead: Angel and Faith and Spike.

Angel and Faith 20

“Angel and Faith 18” is available as of January 30. Then we tie up loose ends in #19, due out February 27. And on to the final arc starting with #20, due out March 27. Visit our friends at Dark Horse Comics.

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