Review: Batman and Robin #25


“BATMAN AND ROBIN, #25,” the last full-length (3 issue) story arc while Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are still the Dynamic Duo, is a good action-packed read. The best part is once the Red Hood has fully come to life, which is once he’s got his gear on. That gives him that extra lift he needs to really talk trash to Dick and Damian. Judd Winick provides some great lines here. And Greg Tocchini’s art gives everything a quirky offbeat feel. It is a very subdued and pared down style. It might take some getting used to but,if you’ve tried Tocchini’s art in “THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME,” a comic from Radical Publishing, then you’ll appreciate where he’s coming from more.

The final issue of the original batch of B & R, before the grand 52 relaunch, is “BATMAN AND ROBIN #26,” which comes out August 10th. It has one of the most impressive covers that has come out in some time, by Chris Burnham, and Greg Toochini does the art for the whole issue.

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