Creative Living: Scotch Eggs

From time to time, I share with you something that helps to keep the creative spark going. For me, this morning, something very special crossed my path and I decided I needed to share this: scotch eggs! I’d never heard of them before but I was intrigued and ordered one at my local grocer. Now, here I should explain that I live in a hip and young neighborhood and the closest grocer is an independent grocer that, well, keeps its demographic in mind so we get these surprises now then, like scotch eggs at the deli center.

I guessed that this was some sort of traditional item that I missed out on. It’s definitely been around and there’s plenty of recipes for it, fried and baked, you can read an excellent baked recipe here.

Overall, I highly recommend you try scotch eggs! I was prepared for the eggs to be gooey inside but it made sense that they were already boiled. The egg is covered and turned into a meatball and then fried or baked. It’s a perfect little meal in itself. If you happen to live in Seattle, and in the Fremont neighborhood in particular, then you should go get your own scotch eggs at the local Market Time. I don’t think they do this every morning. There are no signs one way or another. They happen to make great eggs benedict but you wouldn’t necessarily know that, since there are no signs. Anyway, I believe this is what they do for Sunday breakfast and you should go.

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