Portland: OPEN FOR BUSINESS at The Cleaners

An amazing group of Portland boutiques will ply their wares at the upcoming “Open for Business” event that runs from November 25 thru 27 at The Cleaners event space at Ace Hotel in Portland, OR.

If you’re looking for something new to wear or display that is out of this world cool, then check out this fine collaboration. Or you can always visit their respective Web sites.

The one that has intrigued us here at Comics Grinder is Antler & Co. We are always speaking with a melancholic sigh of only wishing for a place to hang our hats. Well, Antler & Co. has the solution.

We also are quite curious about hand-crafted all-wood eye glass frames from Moonwoods.

Well, this showcase of local designers has something for everyone. So, you decide what intrigues you.

And you’re clear where this is, right? 1022 SW Stark Street, in the Pearl District.


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