Movies and books about alternate realities and worlds are always of interest. Here is one that you may want to check out. If you happen to be in NYC, consider going this weekend to see this short film. Should make a very nice night out:

Sunday, April 15th
In one world there is a Man who is hanging perpetually in the air, being physically suspended between the ocean and earth. Whenever he wants to get out, he is pulled back to the ocean where he doesn’t belong. A part of him is being transformed into a fish that dreadfully pulls the Man back to the water. The Man faces a choice of survival and chooses to risk his arm. In another world, the Man is feeling stuck in his life. He is seeking for help, but he is scared to overcome a mysterious psychological barrier that he needs to pass.
For Trailer and more information about the film please go to
Reception 8:00PM
32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street

New York City

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