Paul Dano is a very interesting actor who continues to surprise. He has been in so many great films in his young career, including “There Will Be Blood.” He is such a versatile and natural actor in tune with who he is. He’s just a guy but not an ordinary guy. What great field to play in!

Watch him as just a guy, but not an ordinary guy, in “Ruby Sparks.” Here he plays an aspiring writer who, by some supernatural intervention, has brought his perfect romantic match to life from his typewriter. “Ruby Sparks,” limited release July 25, 2012.

Keep a close guy on Dano because this guy is everywhere. See Mr. Dano in the Bruce Willis sci-fi time travel movie, “Looper.” If I had to pick just one movie coming out of the myriad of promotions at Comic-Con, it would have to be “Looper.” Bruce Willis is the man! And he’s into this movie. And then you add Paul Dano! Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Jeff Daniels! Emily Blunt! “Looper” releases on September 28, 2012.

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  1. Jennifer Daydreamer

    I never comment on your site, but I really dig Paul Dano. He is up there with Billy Crudup.


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