The street artist, KAWS, made a big splash into the mainstream recently by having his tweaked out Mickey Mouse, or “Companion,” as part of the venerable Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You can watch an in depth interview with KAWS and renowned painter David Salle on RESERVE CHANNEL’s “ARTST TLK,” hosted by Pharrell Williams, a super talented man himself: rapper, singer, record producer, composer and fashion designer.

As David Salle describes the artist’s life, “It was understood that it would be a hard scrabble at best. You relied on your community of artists.” This proves an excellent entry point for the conversation as all three men share ideas and insights. “I would take the PATH train…and just get out and bomb the highways,” begins KAWS. He later explains his relationship with the advertisement saturated world of NYC and the series of works he has done that, well, technically “deface” ads. This is a way to find “a coexistence,” KAWS says, with all the ads that dominate our lives.

RESERVE CHANNEL’s “ARST TLK” has got a certain style that Pharrell Williams will surely continue to build and take us viewers on many intriguing journeys.

Check out the whole line-up of RESERVE CHANNEL shows on YouTube. Press release follows:


Unveils New Episodes of ARTST TLK, Across the Board,

Hooked Up, & Capture


New York, NY (November 29, 2012) – Brand new episodes of RESERVE CHANNEL’s original long-form series will premiere on YouTube.   New episodes of ARTST TLK hosted by producer/artist/designer Pharrell WilliamsHooked Up hosted by über-chef/TV personality Tom ColicchioAcross The Board hosted by actress Joy Bryant; and Capture hosted by legendary photographer Mark Seliger, are now live, featuring compelling interviews with some of today’s most creative personalities.  To subscribe to RESERVE CHANNEL for free, watch the shows and learn more, visit

“ARTST TLK” with Pharrell Williams (Twitter: @ARTSTTLK)

Renaissance man Pharrell Williams, sits down with super-hot toy designer & artist KAWS and renowned painter David Salle to discuss run-ins with the law, inspiration, passions and pornography.   Get deep and see what motivates some of the world’s most talented people. Watch the new episode of ARTST TLK at

“Hooked Up” with Tom Colicchio (Twitter: @HookedUpshow)

“HOOKED UP” is Tom Colicchio’s first solo show away from his role as head judge on the smash TV show Top Chef.  In this month’s episode Tom gets TV host and Bravo Executive Andy Cohen out on the boat for his first fishing trip since childhood.  The two friends and colleagues talk about everything from those crazy Real Housewives to free-balling.  Ready to hook a big one?  Watch HOOKED UP at

“Across the Board” with Joy Bryant (Twitter: @ATBshow)

“Across the Board” is an action talk show hosted by actress Joy Bryant, who invite guests to share in her passion for board sports like surfing, skate boarding and snowboarding. In this month’s episode Joy takes her board to the streets of LA with skate and TV personality Steve-O to talk about life after Jackass, his long journey to sobriety, veganism and his new show “Killer Karaoke”.   It’s time to shred; watch ACROSS THE BOARD at

“Capture” with Mark Seliger (Twitter: @Captureshow)

Capture is a fresh and informative look at the art of photography and the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic images.  In this month’s episode no stone is left unturned as host and acclaimed photographer Mark Seliger sits down in his New York studio with acclaimed fashion photographer Sebastian Kim and celebrated actor Alan Cumming.  Picking out  some of their favorite shots to discuss, they talk about everything from photographing yourself naked and Woody Allen, to Instagram and George Clooney. Watch the new episode here!

RESERVE CHANNEL premiered in July 2012 with four lifestyle shows: On The Table w/ Eric Ripert, Be Well Week; Be Well Weekend w/ Dr. Frank Lipman, CAPTURE w/ Mark Seliger, and EX-PATS w/ Savannah Jane Buffett. It is owned and operated by Uncommon Content, a progressive content creation, development and production company. Uncommon Content produces both fiction and non-fiction content, which it owns, to be distributed primarily across the web via YouTube, television and other multi-media platforms.

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