Fire vs TV (Part 1) Gadzooks: By The Straps of My Yoga Toga

Words to live by!


"Meat Sock Mojo" Copyright L. Neale 2014

Writer’s Note

Dear readers. This is the first in a series dedicated to definitively clearing out my writing vault, so stay tuned for Fire vs TV Part 2 and more coming soon…ish.

Below is one of my all time favourite pieces of mental luggage. I have been dragging it around for years. Occasionally I patch it up, put a slightly new handle on it, and shove it kicking and screaming back up into the overhead compartment to see how it flys. In this most recent incarnation, it’s been de-clawed and house-trained just enough, to give a sense of my growing calm-clarity and bloggish presence as it accords with my current process of inner-alchemy.

Many thanks to you all for your continuing support and inspiration. Much Love and deepest respect!


yoga toga 30zombie-tv

There’s a quote lifted from ancient Indian Yogic philosophy, that runs a little something like this: “when all is well with…

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