Graham Annable Interview: EERIE TALES and More!

Graham Annable

I like to write about the comics medium and other topics because it’s fun and I genuinely wish to share my insights with you. One such creative who I really give a hoot about is cartoonist and animator Graham Annable. Just scroll below to the previous post to read my review of his latest book, EERIE TALES or look here.

Graham Annable is a Canadian cartoonist and animator with a distinctive quirky style. You have probably seen his work without realizing it. He has done a ton of stuff for Chuck Jones, Nickelodeon, Walt Disney. Gamers will know him for his work at Telltale Games, notably on Puzzle Agent. He was story artist on Coraline. He was co-director on Box Trolls, nominated for an Oscar. And, of course, Graham’s animation shorts on YouTube are not to be missed! We chat about his latest book with First Second, EERIE TALES, which is a keeper and truly to be enjoyed by any age.

Grickle! A Blast from the Past!

All that said, I focus in on Graham’s roots as a cartoonist. We chat a bit about the golden era of indie comics going back some 20 years. How time flies! During the course of our chat, I ask Graham what on earth “Grickle” means. Is this something I should already know? Did I miss the memo? Did I miss out on a mixer or two when this was discussed? Well, Graham clears up the mystery during our conversation. So, stay tuned!

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