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DALE & THOMAS Have Got You Covered for Holiday Care Packages

Comics Grinder loves a good snack and we are amazed with the wide variety of goodies coming from Dale and Thomas Popcorn.  A new care package from Dale and Thomas arrived at Comics Grinder headquarters  and it has us in a very good mood. “Chocolate n Caramel” got our taste buds all excited. It brought to mind a seasonal favorite from Starbucks, their famous “Salted Caramel Mocha.”

Then we got a nibble of “White Chocolate n Peanut Butter” and this was utterly delicious. The way the two distinctive flavors of white chocolate and peanut butter blended with the popcorn was a joy. With each new bite, we were greeted by an unexpected sensation of peanut butter tucked under a drizzle of white chocolate.

“Southwest Cheddar Chipolte” proved to be a wonderful switch to something savory. It has a little kick to it but nothing we wouldn’t expect from a mild salsa. It had us thinking that this popcorn treat would easily make a welcome replacement to our regular chips and salsa. Now, we’re not going to totally replace our chips and salsa but we will be giving this popcorn more of our attention.

An all-time classic not to be forgot: “Dale and Thomas Kettlecorn!” Yes, the name says it all. If you’re looking for good old-fashioned kettle corn, then why not the best? This stuff will melt in your mouth. It’s the good stuff. Like all Dale and Thomas products, it’s fresh and delicious and it’s kettlecorn!

This brings us to full circle because the last two remaining treats could be looked at as a splitting of the first combination of chocolate and caramel. Why not focus on each flavor separately? “Dale’s Caramel” has an alluring name and it turns out it lives up to it. When you want to keep it basic and enjoy a perfect blend of salty and sweet, this is the way to go. And then there’s “Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn,” which, as you would be correct to believe, it another deliciously awesome, “twice-as-nice,” treat.

You simply can’t go wrong with Dale & Thomas and this is one of the best times to share the popcorn joy! There is such a selection of holiday packages to choose from on the Dale & Thomas Web site. You have everything from handy little gifts as stocking stuffers to an impressive selection of packages based on themes and taste buds! And this from the editor and your host: “I see a lot of movies and read a lot of comics and I can’t think of a better movie or reading snack than Dale and Thomas Popcorn. It’s a great all-around snack.”


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DALE AND THOMAS POPCORN: The Go To Gourmet Snack for Geeks

Comics Grinder is a place for all things fitting into a geek lifestyle and beyond. To that end, let’s talk snacks. Whatever your pop culture preference, there’s always room for some kind of treat while you’re reading, gaming, watching. As we kick into holiday season, consider  your snack search to have struck gold with all the amazing goodies to be found at Dale and Thomas Popcorn. An impressive gift box, decked out in a Halloween theme, arrived at Comics Grinder headquarters to my utter joy and amazement. I immediately ripped open a bag marked, “Parmesan & Garlic Cheese Sticks.” Now, these things are not popcorn at all so I was a little confused but they were so delicious that I didn’t care. I could see myself enjoying these with a movie anytime.

Next, I went for “Hall of Fame Kettle Corn,” assuming this would be closer to a popcorn product and I was correct! Yes! These bad boys are quite tasty. I’d rank them up there with the best kettle corn. On the Dale and Thomas Popcorn Web site, they have a quote from the Today Show: “The Rolls Royce of Popcorn.” That’s a nice quote. And, I had to say right then, that I was very much in a holiday mood and found myself feeling a bit pampered.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I have to put my foot down and say that, by and large, my favorite of the whole “Spooktacular Halloween Gift Box” extravaganza was stuff with chocolate. There were two items that fell into this category. The first one: “Twice-As-Nice Chocolate DrizzleCorn.” That’s right, they chose to run the words “drizzle” and “corn” together to create the trademarked “DrizzleCorn.” Anyway, I was feeling the luxury all the more with that. It’s a nice blend of salty and sweet. Next up in the chocolate category is actually the one item that left me breathless: “Milk Chocolate Popsters.” Yes, indeed, they’re called “Popsters” and why not? That name says it all. Of all the chocolate covered delicacies out there, including strawberries, I believe that this caramel coated popcorn dipped in chocolate is an utter inspiration. Seriously, I highly recommend them. I don’t think  you can order them separately but they’re part of some rather tantalizing gift packages available at the Dale and Thomas Popcorn Web site.

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