Welcome to Comics Grinder

Expect a little of everything here with a bent towards the more artful and literary, experimental and offbeat. I will focus on comics but will also cover anything that falls within the pop culture radar. I write for Newsarama and will have a steady column there that will cover my taste in comics.

Over here, at Comics Grinder, I’ll bring in a few more thoughts and extra tidbits. My hope is that I can provide a few more things here that maybe did not fit into a particular article or just stuff that comes to mind.
I like having the freedom to think and write as I go, make connections and see what results. For those of you who have kept up with my writing, you know what to expect and I hope you’ll follow me here too. I try. I continue to grow creatively. And I hope I can provide some good reading material. I want to keep things a bit open-ended and see how it goes.


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