Spotlight: Eric Palicki’s BAREFOOT

Here’s a page from writer Eric Palicki’s new comic, a 4 issue series entitled, “Barefoot,” starting out in Afghanistan, 2002, and featuring army sergeant and special agent Jenny Barefoot. She also happens to own a talking dog, Harlan. This looks like a cool balance of action, humor and fantasy. The art is by Gabriel Andrade, Jr. whose previous work includes “Did Hard: Year One” for BOOM! Studios.

Check out more of Eric’s work at his site. I liked his observations on the craft of writing. Here’s an excerpt:

Others can steal your ideas, but the thing they can never replicate is you. Don’t worry about those stolen ideas, you had as many as six of them before breakfast. In an era when ideas are devalued – or, more accurately, in an era when we’re waking up to the fact that ideas never had much value in the first place – what remains is craft, and from craft comes reputation. If ideas are like naked blocks of marble, you need to become goddamn Michelangelo. Remember, anyone can have an idea, but not everyone can turn it into a story. Hone your craft, develop a reputation for quality and efficiency and dependability and the money will come, modest at first, but that’s how it goes. If you wanted to be rich, you wouldn’t have become a writer.

Something else every writer will hear, at least once: “I have a really great idea for a story. If you write it, we can split the profits.” No, thank you. That’s a fool’s bargain. Every writer knows that ideas are the easy part.

If you want to be a writer, find the courage. Do the work.


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