THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE has a very golden poster

The Hollywood Reporter’s review suggests you’ll want to take a long cold shower after viewing THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE, a movie about the depraved world of Saddam Hussein’s son, Uday, “The Black Prince,” and his double, Latif Yahia. The movie is loosely based on the autobiography of Yahia who had to endure the pyschotic and violent prince or face the consequences. Even with that threat, Yahia still manages to have an affair with one of Uday’s mistresses, Sarrab, played by Ludivine Sangier. Directed by Lee Tamahori (DIE ANOTHER DAY) and screenplay by Michael Thomas (THE HUNGER, SCANDAL), this movie is an intense, perhaps too instense, portrait of decadence. The poster is priceless and it is definitely an intriguing scenario. But, based on the above mentioned review, this movie digs deep on the sensational and sickening and fails to explore what is going on inside the mind of the prince’s double. That’s too bad since Dominic Cooper is supposed to deliver a kick ass performance playing both the prince and his double. And this movie has one very golden poster with a decided wink to Al Pacino in SCARFACE. 
THE DEVILS DOUBLE goes into wide release on July 29, 2011

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