Review: Logan’s Run: Omnibus, published by Bluewater Comics


There is something downright thrilling about a project that is adding to the appreciation of Logan’s Run, a franchise with numerous tropes and backstory. Logan’s Run means a lot of things to a lot of people. There are diehard fans of the original novel, the major motion picture, and the television program. This omnibus edition collects all six issues of the Bluewater Comics series of Logan’s Run Last Day. It is a story that gives a big nod to the original novel, basically makes a case for what a remake of the movie might look like, and is a fine example of what you can do to tease out more nuances to such an iconic work.


I can well imagine how pleased the original authors of the Logan’s Run novel, William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, are with this interpretation. It certainly stays true to the spirit of the original and adds extra information into the mix, specifically details on The Little War and how humanity survived it. Written by Paul J. Salamoff, it is based on a story by Jason Brock, William F. Nolan, and Salamoff, with special thanks to Sunni Brock and George Clayton Johnson.


The additions add to the poetry found in the original novel. For example, there’s a moment in this comic, not found in the novel, that documents the death of the last human on Earth, before everything changed forever. The artwork by Daniel Gete taps into the original spirit of the Logan’s Run novel and some of the look of the major motion picture. It’s a dynamic style that keeps pace with a fast-moving narrative.


The big change in this version of Logan’s Run is the role of one of the Sandmen, Logan’s partner, Francis. Without giving anything away, it’s an interesting development that ties everything into a tighter package. It might have helped to have further developed this character, given his more pivotal role, but I can figure there may have been a need to wrap this project up at six issues. Having said that, this is a fine work and nicely adds to what can be done with Logan’s Run. Among the Logan’s Run work related to the original novel, this is highly recommended.


You can find LOGAN’S RUN OMNIBUS here. Visit our friends at Bluewater Comics here.

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