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Review: Logan’s Run: Omnibus, published by Bluewater Comics


There is something downright thrilling about a project that is adding to the appreciation of Logan’s Run, a franchise with numerous tropes and backstory. Logan’s Run means a lot of things to a lot of people. There are diehard fans of the original novel, the major motion picture, and the television program. This omnibus edition collects all six issues of the Bluewater Comics series of Logan’s Run Last Day. It is a story that gives a big nod to the original novel, basically makes a case for what a remake of the movie might look like, and is a fine example of what you can do to tease out more nuances to such an iconic work.

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Review: George Reeves Bluewater Comics Tribute


Written and illustrated by M. Anthony Gerardo, this comic book tribute to actor George Reeves is fresh and engaging due to its quirky storytelling. If you’ve seen “Hollywoodland,” the movie based on the life of the actor first to portray Superman on television, then you know this is a pretty unusual, even shocking, life story. And, even if you haven’t seen Ben Affleck play George Reeves, there’s a very good chance you are at least familiar with this landmark in pop culture. As Bluewater Comics states, this tribute is a way to “celebrate the man who personified America’s first and greatest superhero.”

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