Review: George Reeves Bluewater Comics Tribute


Written and illustrated by M. Anthony Gerardo, this comic book tribute to actor George Reeves is fresh and engaging due to its quirky storytelling. If you’ve seen “Hollywoodland,” the movie based on the life of the actor first to portray Superman on television, then you know this is a pretty unusual, even shocking, life story. And, even if you haven’t seen Ben Affleck play George Reeves, there’s a very good chance you are at least familiar with this landmark in pop culture. As Bluewater Comics states, this tribute is a way to “celebrate the man who personified America’s first and greatest superhero.”

Bluewater Comics is known for its tributes of various notable figures. That’s only part of this comics publisher’s roster of titles which includes work in Sci-Fi, horror, all-ages, manga, and much more. As Bluewater continues to develop its line of tribute comics, it is refining its approach with new creators. With M. Anthony Gerardo, Bluewater found someone who has a bold command of his subject. And Gerardo is not afraid to include himself in the story. After all, for this story, he’s out in the field interviewing people connected to Reeves. It all adds up to a colorful biography that does not get marred by idolizing its subject.


The photomontage style that Gerardo uses is appealing. While a more traditional drawing style would have been nice, even one in the style of retro Superman comics, the photomontage work keeps the story moving. It calls to mind the pop art movement that was in early development during the time of the Superman TV show, 1952-1958. George Reeves was, very much so, a man out of time. He began his acting career in the heyday of big studio productions and, in mid-life, he found himself finally a big star on the brand new small screen. Add to that a very troubled personal life, and a possible murder, and no wonder you had Ben Affleck playing him. It’s no wonder too that it inspired Bluewater Comics to pursue this tribute.

You can pick up a copy of the George Reeves Tribute at various outlets including comiXology here. Visit our friends at Bluewater Comics, where you’ll also find a tribute to Christopher Reeve, here.

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