No Wonder Woman on NBC

I have no beef with Kathy Bates. I’d go even as far as to say that her current show on NBC, “HARRY”S LAW,” is for all intents and purposes a fine little show, reminiscent of “CANNON” and “BARNABY JONES.” But to favor this show over the possibility of bringing back “WONDER WOMAN”? Apparently, NBC would rather drop the idea of David E. Kelley’s reboot of “Wonder Woman” and instead invest in more episodes of “Harry’s Law.”

Why not take Kathy Bates and cast her in a role in the new Wondy show? She might be able to play Wondy’s mom or maybe a character much like, if not identical, to the one she’s playing now on this Harry show. She could be a female version of Commisioner Gordon. I know, wrong superhero reference, but you know what I’m saying.

Adrianne Palicki might be counting her lucky stars. It does seem like she was miscast. And, most likely, this Wondy effort was missing something very important, like a real purpose to exist. Ah well, maybe it’s good that NBC is being as cautious as it is. Or maybe they don’t really care and figure “Harry” is money in the bank.

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