“LONELYGIRL15,” was to be the future of entertainment and, at the time, it did seem to signal the dawn of something new. WIRED did a cover story on the YouTube sensation, which you may recall: a vlog about a lonely teen named Bree, played by actress Jessica Rose. Her story gradually became stranger and stranger. And, at the height of the vlog’s popularity, it was revealed to be a hoax. “Lonelygirl15” never blasted into the mainstream and yet it did make a dent. It is what came AFTER the hoax that still remains under development, the idea of interactive entertainment. I got to interview Miles Beckett, one of the co-creators of what became the interactive show, “Lonelygirl15” and the jumping off point for other projects. You can read my interview with him here.

Anyhow, it’s a kick to see that the actress behind the infamous hoax has landed a nice gig in traditional media. She is now on NBC’s “GRIMM.” You can read more about it over at our friends at Cinema Blend.

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