Dear Kevin,

The news about you deciding to stop making movies is sad news indeed.

Believe it or not, or you may already be aware, there was a time when Woody Allen said the very same thing. Sometime in the ’80s, maybe with the bitterness of “Stardust Memories” still lingering, Allen said he was planning on giving up making movies. It was just too much heartache. Well, he had a change of heart. I hope you will too, sir.

I realize that “Cop Out” was a rough ride. But, whatever the history behind it, whatever this critic or that critic said, it was a fun and funny movie.

Now, with “Red State,” I firmly believe you took your art to a new level bringing in everything you know about filmmkaing, your own authentic voice and a daring vision to say something new. Okay, I will say it as plainly as I can: I’d give my left nut to make as successful a movie and I’m not talking money-wise. But don’t hold me to that, the left nut part. And, sure, money is great too but artistic integrity is key. You know, not to harp on Woody Allen, but he could be someone to give advice on being a successful independent filmmaker. Check out the new documentary about Woody Allen. Do that. And then let’s talk. Apparently, Woody knows how to take it easy even with a movie-per-year schedule. He just doesn’t let things get to him. He doesn’t read reviews. He just doesn’t give a sh*t what others think of him.

Of course, all your fans will be cool and support whatever comes next. You would say you’re already doing that and who should deny or negate it? But perhaps there will be, maybe years from now, a change of heart. It will be a natural progression, a need to return to something you love. That brings up a good question. Did you love making movies? I dare say you did. I think what you hate is what you do with it once it’s been made, all the marketing and distribution and even the stuff that comes up before and during the making of such a movie, all the test marketing and just plain creepy marketing that goes on. Certainly, you can not be faulted for wanting to stick with podcasts because, as you say, they’re honest.

I have listened to your interview on NPR and I will keep up with what you do on your podcasts and other projects, like your new book, “Tough Sh*t: Life Advice From A Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good.” And I wish you well. Remember, a lot of great filmmakers took breaks and came back. You still have your Wayne Gretzky film, “Hit Somebody,” due out next year. So, stop making movies. But, maybe consider coming back to it in a few years.

A Loyal Fan,



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  1. I agree, I don’t like all of Smith’s films but I like him as a person. He’s hilarious and really loves what he does. Hit Somebody is going to be brilliant, I’m really excited for that. Good post!

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