Open Letter To George Stephanopoulos

Hi George,

I just wanted to say a few words regarding your new job back at “Good Morning America” where you handle such assignments as, World’s Worst Boyfriend ‘Robs’ Girlfriends Home. That is the current link from ABC News. The first time I stumbled upon this video it was entitled, “Worst Boyfriend in America,” but I guess he’s been upgraded to the worst boyfriend on the planet. That still doesn’t seem to make him, and his story of briefly terrorizing his girlfriend, worthy of any notoriety, especially from such an esteemed journalist as yourself.

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. You used to host the respected Sunday political show, “This Week.” You used to work for President Bill Clinton. And, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but your current role seems to be better suited for a guy on his way up rather than such an established guy as yourself. Well, maybe it’s part of a much bigger picture. It worked, I guess, for Charles Gibson. He went from “Good Morning America” to briefly anchoring “World News Tonight,” now known as “ABC World News,” and anchored by another “Good Morning America” former host, Diane Sawyer. That brings to mind Katie Couric and her brief time with “CBS Evening News.” She’s sort of in the same boat as yourself at the moment. It didn’t work, or maybe it did, for Matt Lauer. Now, Lauer is probably as happy as clam to just stay put on “Today.” He gets serious assignments here and there. And I guess, of course, you do too. But maybe not as often.

All I can say is that it just doesn’t feel right having you “interview” the kid who hid in his girlfriend’s apartment and then deliberately made her believe she was confronting an intruder in her very home. That smells like a lawsuit not fodder for a little gabfest. There’s the kid laughing about it on national television with a highly qualified journalist. Does that not seem sort of wrong to you? I’m just saying consider where this is going. Did ABC promise you an anchor position in the future? Or are you heading in a new direction, less David Brinkley and more Dick Clark? Just wondering. The 18 to 35 demographic find you appealing. I suppose it doesn’t matter if they know or care where you came from.

But I’ll keep checking in on what you’re up to. I definitely wish you well. Like many professionals at your level, you’re very likable. One last thing, I highly recommend not developing this “worst boyfriend” story into a series. I can imagine that idea has been kicked around. Look away, George! Don’t do it.

Your pal,


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