George Clayton Johnson is a celebrated science fiction writer, credited for co-writing the novel, “Logan’s Run,” the story for “Ocean’s 11,” the first episode of “Star Trek” and episodes of “The Twilight Zone.” Mr. Johnson spoke at a tribute for Richard Alf, cofounder with Shel Dorf, of the original Comic-Con.

Comics Grinder is proud to present exclusive comprehensive coverage of the Richard Alf tribute which includes video of Mr. Johnson speaking passionately on behalf of focusing on comics at Comic-Con. He supports a new venue later this year that will be in the spirit of the original Comic-Con. There will be much more coverage on the tribute for Mr. Alf here at Comics Grinder.

The photo above is of Mr. Johnson with Robert Redford on the set of “The Twilight Zone” for an episode written by Mr. Johnson, “Nothing in the Dark.” No doubt, George Clayton Johnson is one of the artists of the early days of TV.

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