The desire to take back San Diego has led those with warm memories of the early years of Comic-Con to organize the first annual San Diego Comic Fest. Learn all about it here.

The original Comic-Cons were all about the comics. Collectors would gather and buy and sell comics and talk shop. Of course, one thing led to another and, before you know it, Comic-Con has evolved into a collossus. But, if you prefer things to be unplugged and back to basics, then you definitely want to head out the San Diego Comic Fest taking place the weekend of October 19 thru 21 at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center.

The very first Comic-Con was in the Crystal Room of the U.S. Grant Hotel. Then it took place for a number of years at the El Cortez. The SDCF will honor the 40th anniversary of that first Comic-Con at the El Cortez. Here is part of what the organizers have to say:

To coincide with this year’s El Cortez Comic-Con annivesary, some early Comic-Con co-founders and committee members agreed it would be a fine idea to have a new “old-school” San Diego comic convention and thus was born the San Diego Comic Fest. We think it will be a lot of fun to have a relatively-smallish con at which we consciously try to foster the spirit, or “vibe” as we used to say, of those early fan gatherings. The 1972 Comic-Con had between 900 and 1,000 attendees, which is around the number we’re looking at for at this year’s event. The Fest intends to bring creators and fans closer together, to create an environment of creative exchange in a fun, inclusive environment, much as the El Cortez-era Comic-Cons did.

I suppose the question is, why wouldn’t the SDCF choose to return to the El Cortez? It looks pretty swanky. This is not to take away from the Town & Country. Well, maybe next year. Whatever the case, it is so nice that it is taking place! I would love to go!

UPDATE: The El Cortez, as Jackie Estrada pointed out to me here in the Comments section, has been condos for many years. The El Cortez website that I am referring to does host events but modest ones.


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  1. Jackie Estrada

    The El Cortez has not been a hotel for decades; it’s condos.

    • Thank you, Jackie. I appreciate the correction. I have a lot to learn and I am very willing to learn. I will be posting more about the early days of Comic-Con and will do my best to be careful with the facts.

  2. Jackie Estrada

    They have a banquet room for weddings and similar events, but they are not set up to host a convention that requires meeting rooms and hotel rooms.

  3. Henry: I am the co-admin of the Facebook Fan Page for the San Diego Comic Fest. Those interested are welcome to ‘Like’ the fan page at:

  4. You bet, Mike. I will and I welcome others to do likewise. Feel free to LIKE the Comics Grinder Facebook page and ask friends to join in too. Thanks.

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