Bill Plympton is an amazing artist known for his distinctive drawings that can be sexy, funny or, quite often, both sexy and funny. His Academy Award-nominated short, “Your Face,” (1987) sealed his fate. He is a man full of joy, confidence and vigor. But don’t let me spoil it all for you. You should buy the new documentary that spills the beans on everything you’d want to known about this legendary cartoonist and animator: “Adventures in Plymptoons,” by Alexia Anastasio.

You can see a teaser for this artful and hilarious documentary, along with other fun and interestings things, at Alexia’s website. This documentary is a must-have whether you’re a Plympton fan or just a lover of hedonistic, decadent mayhem. You too will learn the joys of sliding naked through mud!

Learn what it takes to make it in animation and keep your integrity with Bill Plympton’s latest book on the business and art of animation: “Make Toons That Sell Without Selling Out.” This is like taking a master class from Mr. Plympton.

And if you’re really looking for a treat, then consider a very special project from the Bill Plympton Studio: “The Flying House (1921 – 2011),” a restoration of the Winsor McCay animation classic and an interpretation using current digital technology. This project was founded by a Kickstarter campaign that rasied twice as much as its goal of $10,000. The Plympton-McCay version has received praise, and some scorn from purists, as it revists the original by adding color, removing the cumbersome word balloons and adding music and voices by noted actors Matthew Modine and Patricia Clarkson.

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