Dear George,

Ann Coulter is addicted to grabbing attention by being as offensive as possible. We all know that. Maybe that is considered by network executives to be a good thing as it brings in viewers. But offensive and degrading remarks can only go so far, don’t you think? Does it have to take an average citizen’s open letter to speak the truth? Yes, it does. I am referring to the open letter by John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete, who has called out Coulter for her use of the degrading term, “retard” and her recent “political analysis” on Twitter on Monday’s presidential debate, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”

This is actually the second open letter I’ve sent you. The first one, I believe, is related to what I want to say now. I’m concerned about the quality of broadcast journalism, television and culture in general. You have a role to play in all of that. When you take part in the “Good Morning America” prattle about things like, “World’s Worst Boyfriend,” it just seems pretty absurd. But giving Ann Coulter a regular seat right alongside legitimate commentators on the once venerable “This Week,” of which you are the host, is obscene. Look at it this way, would your predecessor, David Brinkley, have had, as part of his regular group of roundtable guests, a member of the John Birch Society or Rush Limbaugh? Of course not! He did not engage in that. But you will. Or I can only assume that you have the authority to hire and fire who is presumably on “your show.” Correct me, if I’m wrong, but the entire name of the show is “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” is it not?

ABC News is not Fox News, George, so Coulter never belonged on “This Week” to begin with. Coulter is such an obvious hatemonger. Her arguments are shameless like her problems with civil rights. In her racist and hateful mind, civil rights are only for “the blacks.” You questioned her about it, gave her time to promote her new book about it, on “This Week.” I recall viewing that broadcast and how elated Coulter was to be recognized, as it were, to be legitimized. She looked like she really couldn’t believe she was on the show, her eyes darting back and forth. She gleefully held up her book. She had arrived. It didn’t matter to her if you seemed to be asking some hard questions about her beliefs. She was on the show! She had won!

Unless there is something in her contract that makes it impossible to fire her, the time is way overdue for that to happen. Imagine if you, George, got on Twitter and made any comment similar to Coulter’s crazy rants. You would be fired! But I do understand that the joke is supposed to be on her. She is only on the show as comedy relief. Well, that joke isn’t funny anymore.

So, go head and fire her or suggest it to the powers that be. I’m betting that, if you want her out, she’s out. And, if she stays, well, that’s your hell to deal with. Trust me, it would be pretty easy to do: Just don’t invite her back. USA Today was stuck with her for a bit and they got rid of her. You can read about that here.

Your pal,



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  1. prissike

    Awesome letter, John. What a wonderfully worded letter to Ann Coulter; who did not deserve such a curtesy. I watched her for the fist time last week which was the first and last time I watched the “This Week with GS”. I refuse to watch programs with talking heads that think we are all stupid and that we will believe any of the garbage they spew.

  2. Jo Strong

    I used to love “This Week” as well. I always found it informative and for the most part a fair assessment of what was going on in the world. But I won’t watch any program that gives license to the sort of hate and fear mongering that is generated by that woman. Free speech was supposed to be about putting forth another point of view without the government censoring any sentiments they considered to be inconsistent with their views. It’s not the same thing as the incessant hate that spews out of this woman for no purpose other than to assault the average and decent person’s sense of what is appropriate and respectful to others. I believe allowing her to offend most of America with her hate speech is a sign that information for the American public is no longer the point of this program. It’s simply another version of “Jerry Springer” with a political bent. There are two words that should never be used together and they are “Fox” and “News”. Each is contradictory of the other, but I’m saddened to see that “This Week” is starting to care more about controversy and ratings than it does about news as well. Very disappointing.

  3. Thank you for your comments, Jo. People know quality and integrity when they see it and when they don’t. A backlash might get ABC’s attention.

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