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It has been some time since we’ve seen Buffy in her old digs in San Fran. You would have to go back to Issue 7. Since then, she has gone from mild-mannered barista by day/reluctant Slayer by night to being turned into a robot to upgrading to work in highend security. Along the way, Willow has left the scene in her quest for magic; Spike has walked away; and we were introduced to, Billy, a new Slayer with a lot to prove. With Issue 16, we begin a new arc, “Welcome To The Team,” which refers as much to Billy as it does to Buffy returning to working with Detective Dowling in the SFPD’s mad quest to rid itself of a zompire infestation the likes of which no one has ever seen. These zompires are industrial strength and there is no accounting for it.

Whew, that is the most concise recap I can give you. So, what else is happening on the Buffy flagship comic? It seems a concensus has formed in favor of giving Buffy some semblance of normalcy. She is back in her old apartment with her old roomies, Xander and Dawn. Buffy gets to experience stuff like accepting an invite to drink tea while watching a reality tv show she probably could do wihtout or having a friend of Dawn’s just innocently digging around Buffy’s clothes searching for something to wear for a night out clubbing. Really normal, random, dull, annoying bits of life but grounded and real which Buffy appreciates.

Neither man nor woman can live by bread alone. As you all know, our boy Spike has had his hands full as of late with a potential substitute for Buffy. And, as it goes for Buffy. Props to Andrew Chambliss for writing in this potential romance. It runs very smoothly, one of those situations where both parties are a little confused about whether or not they’re actually dating. Another one of those very real facts of life which may very well be lining up to mirror what happened to Spike in one way or another.

Then we have the zompire action. Georges Jeanty (pencils) and Dexter Vines (inks) are doing a great job with living and breathing interiors, exteriors, and zompires! These creatures have some unique traits to them looking quite fierce, almost reptilian. We really get it that these zompires are strong and, perhaps, one in particular. And, just as Buffy is getting a handle on her fight, something happens very unexpected.

I think Buffy fans are right on to wish for more and more Buffy stories. After what has been a bit of break, Buffy is back and fired up. The clash of being torn between the grounded and the supernatural is a lot of fun. I’d like to see even more location shots when possible and more extended slices of life like Buffy reading a book at City Lights, having lunch in Chinatown, or going to see a show at SFMOMA. What books or movies does Buffy like anyway? Maybe even have the zompires camp out at Fisherman’s Wharf for a bit and mix the mundane with the undead. Just a thought. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer #16” is out December 12 which is a big date that also sees a lot of other cool titles including “Orchid #11,” “Conan #11,” “The Strain #9,” “The Massive #7,” and many more. Expect more Dark Horse titles reviewed here at Comics Grinder.

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