Thanks to the power of Kickstarter, we have MOEBIUS, an awesome new spy game by veteran game designer Jane Jensen. MOEBIUS is currently in development. It is right in step with the trend in recent years to give a more cinematic experience to a game by having it fully integrate with the narrative so you really feel like you’re in an exciting movie. Who wouldn’t want to enter the MOEBIUS world of espionage?

Along with the spies, the story involves “a theory of time and space that has the world’s governments scrambing.” Currently on Comics Grinder’s mind is BROKEN REALITY by Jane McGonigal, a world-renowned game designer. She argues that we need games for a myriad of reasons including entertainment, stimulation, and for a good ole challenge. Well, MOEBIUS has got you covered.

You can view a new MOEBIUS trailer here. You can view the MOEBIUS website here.

More details follow:

MOEBIUS is the first adventure game to be completely overseen by veteran designer Jane Jensen since GABRIEL KNIGHT 3 in 1999. Funded by a $435K Kickstarter campaign in May 2012, it’s currently being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, and iPad. Jane’s indie studio, Pinkerton Road, has launched a new website to provide new game details and assets.

There is also have a new trailer that gives a first peek of the MOEBIUS world in motion. This is based on an alpha build that has just been distributed to the game’s Kickstarter backers, who will be providing feedback to help shape the game moving forward.


Malachi Rector, a prestigious antiquities expert with an uncanny knowledge of history, travels around the world evaluating antiques for auction houses and private collectors. He can tell at a glance whether a varnish is 14th century Venetian or a 21st century imitation, where a particular hinge was forged, and what tomb an Egyptian artifact came from.

The game begins when a mysterious government agency named F.I.S.T. offers Malachi an odd job: instead of evaluating an antique, he will travel to Venice to investigate the death of a politician’s wife. Though this is far outside the scope of his usual work, Malachi is curious, so he agrees.

What Malachi doesn’t know is that his photographic memory and genius for history is of extreme interest to not only F.I.S.T. and the U.S. government, but to other top-secret agencies as well. And Malachi’s about to meet a man in his travels who holds the key to it all…

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