Independent artist Ray Sumser wears many hats as an artist making it in New York City. Check out his website here and you’ll see that the man is busy. One priority is his Cartoon Universe. This is an ongoing project where he creates works that bring in various characters from comics and pop culture.


His most recent one was, “Just The Women,” which celebrated women characters. That was a successful Kickstarter campaign and will lead to more.

Ray’s new Kickstarter campaign is an all-ages comic book that builds on his own original cartooning. This is the story of a little yellow kitten, aka LYK, and a Teddy Bear in search of their lost Leopard Gecko friend.

“LYK and Bear,” Issue One, is a hilarious 22-page comic book. This is a hip, funny comic appropriate for any age. It has a gentle quality with a broad humor that just sweeps you away. LYK and Bear are on a quest that is dreamy, colorful, and very animated. The Kickstarter project is to fund a print run. Check out that campaign which runs from April 2 thru May 4. You can view it here.

This Comics Grinder interview with Ray Sumser covers a little of everything: art school, New York City, and the love of comics.

You can listen to the podcast interview here:


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