Snark: Vanity Fair’s Hateful ‘Amanda Bynes Coloring Book’


It had to happen. The feeding frenzy over Amanda Bynes continues with “The Amanda Bynes Coloring Book.” When does the snark fest end? Much like a schoolyard bully in need of another fix, Vanity Fair enlists a little henchman, Sam Sellers, to create some more hating on Ms. Bynes. But she brought it upon herself, right? This is satire, don’t you get it? Oh, right, yeah, that’s what all the “cool” people say to justify their acts.

So, please carry on Vanity Fair in your vain attempt to remain relevant. Vanity Fair also invites all of you to join in on the mocking of Amanda Bynes by submitting one of the pages back to them after you’ve faithfully used crayons all over it. The goal, presumably, is for this hate fest to go viral.

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