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Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts was fed up with the ritual in Congress of a moment of silence followed by no further response to the latest mass shooting in America. She approached civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. Lewis responded with organizing a classic sit-in. This time it would be inside the well of the House of Representatives, something never done before. And so history is being made. The Democrats are now galvanized and vow to continue the fight. Moving forward, spreading the word about the issues involved is crucial and Brave New Films is one great resource.

Rep. Katherine Clark teamed up with Rep. John Lewis for the sit-in.	–Katherine Clark / Twitter

Rep. Katherine Clark teamed up with Rep. John Lewis for the sit-in. –Katherine Clark / Twitter

Brave New Films is doing its part to spread awareness with its own Gun Safety campaign running since 2014. You may think you know the story but the facts will speak for themselves:

On January 5, 2016, President Obama announced executive actions aimed at expanding background checks. That same day, Smith & Wesson’s share prices rose to a record high of $25.86* a share.

Eleven days ago, 49 people died and 53 were injured in Orlando Florida, the 133rd mass shooting this year. As of yesterday, Smith & Wesson shares are up 19%** since Orlando.

Smith & Wesson is MAKING A KILLING, and they are not the only ones. The NRA, gun manufacturers and the politicians they pay are all guilty of greed.

Since launching our Gun Safety campaign in 2014, we have reached millions of people with our content. Because of your support and the thousands of supporters like you sharing and contributing, the narrative of our work is developing the connection for the mainstream media to see how greed is making us all less safe.

Will you donate $25 right now so we can continue to create content that activates millions? With every donation, big or small, you make an impact.

Content like this piece released yesterday and already reaching 210,000 people and counting. #NoBillNoBreak

The mainstream coverage of #NoBillNoBreak is promising. Now is the time to keep making the connection between the business of selling guns and the politics that allow an industry that fuels 133 mass shootings in less than half a year to keep making billions in profits. Together, we are reframing the gun debate because the right to safety should always triumph over greed.

Visit Brave New Films and learn more about their Gun Safety campaign and help support their film, THE REAL NRA: MAKING A KILLING.

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  1. What is it about the US we Europeans cannot understand? I like competitive shooting, I like the Idea of the people controlling a country’s arms instead of a few old men in hidden chambers. But a gun at least is also nothing but a rural tool. And carrying one in urban civilizations seems to me like walking High Street in rubber Welliboots with pigshit sticking to it: something normal educated people won’t do, although there’s no law against it. What demons are there to be afraid of?

    • The NRA runs a huge ongoing campaign that would have you believe that there is a huge demand for automatic machine guns by the general public. Granted, it is a profitable business. However, there is overwhelming American support for gun safety legislation.

      • Yes, I believe some lot of campagne money helped. We see how Hollywood teaches that any problem that cannot be solved with a gun needs just a bigger gun. But they seemed to be throwing there seeds on fertile ground for quite a long time. And this ground is what I’m curious about. Why do so many Old time singers shot their girlfriends, Lil’ Sadie, Maggie, Darling Corey?

      • People need to stop hanging on to some old wrongheaded frontier spirit, if that’s part of it. Such a huge responsibility to own a gun. And then, to make matters worse, you have easy access to heavy duty assault guns. So harmful, even deadly, to have a glamorized gun culture.

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