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Fusion comics is where it’s at. That’s the bigger point here. Don’t let the title “Sex” distract you too much. As Joe Casey so eloquently expresses on the back pages of the first issue of “Sex,” he is seeking to create work in the spirit of the times. The sophisticated reader of comic books today is not really going to be a hardcore fan of any particular character or title. Well, maybe somewhat, but that reader is too aware of the big picture, the wide spectrum of comics out there. So, how do you create superhero comics that are truly relevant? Well, it all comes back to being yourself, a pretty basic concept, that the world of alternative comics is all about, maybe even to a fault. Anyway, Casey states that he is writing fusion comics. It is a term that has been gaining more favor, coined by Frank Santoro, and beautifully explained in depth by Michel Fiffe, a fusion artist himself, at The Factual Opinion. In a nutshell, yes, indie and mainstream are two different things and, when the two mix, awesome stuff can happen.

If you’ve wondered what Comics Grinder is really into, let’s just say that fusion comics is a wonderful thing. As for “Sex,” it’s not about the sex, it’s about the fusion. Keep that in mind, and you’ll dig “Sex” because, well, there is sex in this comic. Just putting that out there for anyone who would have a problem with that. Sorry to spoil that for anyone but, yes, the cat is out of the bag. Look at it this way, there is more fusion than sex. Think, Moebius, just to give you a highly credible visual. That said, the art by Piotr Kowalski is very impressive, a wonderful tight expressive line. Of course, I am singing to the choir for most of you readers out there. What matters is that this comic has a nice kick to it.

The main character is Simon Cooke, a billionaire playboy a la Bruce Wayne. For this starter, we find Simon returning to the home office at Saturn City. He is easily bored, must remain constantly stimulated. There are signs that he has sacrificed much, too much, and it wasn’t in support of his company. No, there is some hint that he might be a superhero of some kind. And, not only that, but a superhero who has denied himself and does not know how to look out for himself. There are some big hints that sex alone is not the answer for this guy. So, we shall see.

“Sex #1” is a March 6 release. Visit our friends at Image Comics.

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