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The Widening Gyre: Could Silver St. Cloud Be Baphomet?

I was intrigued by a comment in connection with my review of Issue Three of Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan’s “The Widening Gyre” at Newsarama. The commentator thinks that maybe Baphomet, the new vigilante on the block out to help Batman, and the sudden reappearance of Bruce Wayne’s lost love of his life, Silver St. Cloud, lead to the conclusion that Baphomet and Silver St. Cloud are one and the same. That certainly sounds possible and would make for a story with a satisfying ending, even if we’ve figured it out. Then, there’s another commentator that thinks Silver will get pregnant–and not tell Bruce. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the comic, you’ll notice that Bruce Wayne has a pet name. The lettering, of course, is in standard all caps and the name is written as one thing. So, my guess is that the spelling is “DeeDee” Or is it “Dee Dee”? I don’t think it’s “Deedee.” Maybe this goes back to the original story between Bruce and Silver. The above image is from work of the writer/artist team of Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. They worked together in developing the relationship between Bruce and Silver for “Detective Comics” and then reunited to pursue things further in a limited run, “The Dark Detective.”

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