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Mark Z. Danielewski at Town Hall, Seattle

It was a treat to see Mark Z. Danielewski directing a performance of his marvelous work, “The Fifty Year Sword” here in Seattle at Town Hall this last Sunday, October 28. Much to celebrate as “The Fifty Year Sword” has just become available as an ebook and, get this, as an ibook. And, yes, that’s me with the author himself as he was kind enough to pose for pics during his book signing.

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Mark Z. Danielewski is known for his cult novel, “House of Leaves,” (2000). MZD’s work, while vastly experimental, also provides a rich narrative. As he puts it, his works require courage from the reader. That courage, his readers would say, is greatly rewarded. In this interview, we discuss the art of fiction, the writer’s struggle, the forthcoming ebook editions of “House of Leaves” and “Only Revolutions,” the October release of “The Fifty Year Sword,” as well as what lies ahead with MZD’s 27-volume, “The Familiar.”

From the start of this interview, MZD’s mind is playfully, poetically, constructing.

I hold up a party hat promotion for “The Fifty Year Sword” and make it sound like that’s the actual book. He, of course, runs with it! He looks over the party hat, reads the brief text and declares, “We’ve just read the whole book together!” We talk about “House of Leaves,” “The Fifty Year Sword” and the art of fiction. I ask what he thinks the great experimental writer, Donald Barthelme, would make of current trends and that sparks a wonderful reminiscence. The whole interview I found to be quite magical and I hope you will too.

Everyone is waiting for their copy of “The Fifty Year Sword.” It will be available in the states on October 16, 2012.


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