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Here is a portrait of a very troubled candidate. We, at Comics Grinder, ask all Americans to consider this election a true game changer. Whatever differences you may have with Barack Obama, you know we’ve got an intelligent, stable president. Romney is seen, outside of the US, and quite a lot inside the US, as “Mitt the Twit.” We really don’t want to go down that road. President Romney? Really? We need to keep calm and stay the course and, for all of you who don’t think Mitt stands a chance, think again! Vote for the Prez!

There are plenty of endorsements of Pres. Obama. One very significant one comes from New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg and shows that business can work with the president. Here is one that makes the case to allow the president to complete his job from The Baltimore Sun. A most intelligent analysis from The Economist lays out how the president does know what he’s doing while Mr. Romney does not.

From what we have heard from the media, this is supposed to be a close election. Let us hope it is not too close. Pres. Obama’s promise of change remains incomplete. He will need every bit of help he can get to push the Tea Party-addled Republicans into cooperating. So, every vote counts to send a message that Americans want an even-handed approach with Pres. Obama re-elected.

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