Jim Woodring’s Giant Pen to be Unveiled January 9 in Seattle

As reported by Comics Alliance, Jim Woodring will be unveiling his much anticipated Giant Pen project, a 7-foot-tall steel dip pen. He was able to raise the needed $4,500 and is now set to do a demonstration here in Seattle at the Gage Academy this Sunday, January 9, from 1 to 4 pm.

Here is what he had to say about the project while he was still seeking funds for it:

The dip pen is a bit of fetish item for me (as it is for many pen users). The pen is extremely difficult to master but ultimately allows for an extraordinary degree of expression. The well-constructed pen and ink drawing is a monument to perseverance, requiring tremendous patience and control. I am thrilled by the challenge of creating such drawings in public and introducing new audiences to the allure of the medium. The pen (nib) itself will be approximately 16 inches long, made of steel and fully functional. The holder will be six feet long and made of wood with a metal sleeve insert to hold the pen. Nib and holder will resemble as closely as possible the actual implements on which they are based.

Well, I know where I’ll be this Sunday. Hope to see you there if you can make it out to the show.

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