Wonder Woman on NBC!

“I tend to be a little grand in terms of storytelling, I’ve never been limited by anybody’s sense of reality.” That from the great David E. Kelley, a man who lives the dream in Hollywood, having written, and produced, his way to the top with some of the most popular TV show over the years: “LA Law,” “Chicago Hope,” “Picket Fences,” and that most quirky and iconic of shows, “Ally McBeal.” Now, he’s gotten the greenlight from new NBC entertainment president Bob Greenblatt to bring forth a reboot of Wonder Woman. This is huge. Outside of any stupendous blunder, this show will be a hit.

The fact is that Wonder Woman is currently stalled. In the comics, she remains on uncertain footing. And as for that regularly promised movie, that remains elusive. But on TV, and in the capable hands of Mr. Kelley, we should see TV leading the way on the fate of this iconic character, at least for awhile. Most people will not care one way or another if the character is attached to the military or whether or not she’s an Amazon princess. Some details on the new show state that she will be a corporate executive in LA who turns superhero vigilante by night. Even the most casual viewer should pick up on how far afield that is to the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman but, again, it may not matter if the writing is crisp and, especially, if the actress is out of this world. You want someone who is not too sweet (Jennifer Love Hewitt) or too tough (Megan Fox). One very good option would be Bridget Regan. She has proven herself quite capable on ABC’s “Legend of the Seeker.” She might be just what Wonder Woman needs right now, just the right mix of sexy and smart.

Yes, indeed, the TV show should provide some valuable lessons for Wonder Woman in the comics and, eventually, on the big screen. Either that, or just let us have a real gem on the small screen. Whatever the case, it will be harsh to watch if NBC mucks this one up.


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  1. I hope you’re right about the show being a hit. We need something to replace Smallville.

  2. It does not seem too much to ask for the creative team to get it right.

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